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The right way to do expense management.

The combination of expense management platform and adaptable company cards in one solution. From reimbursements and cash advances to petty cash control and cost centers expenses.

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Thousands of companies worldwide prefer VExpenses

Made for financial and non-financial teams


The solution that make expense management easy for all teams

Reimbursements and cash advances
Despesas de projetos e equipes
Multiple corporate cards
Expenditure Policy
Multilevel approval
Real-time reports and dashboards
Integrations with accounting systems

No more manual Expenses Refund and Cash Advance processes

VExpenses will automatically fill out an expense with the invoice data, check if the company's expenses policies are being met, and send it to the correct approvers.

Get on control with our GPS mileage refund, corporate cards integrations and the dashboards you've always wanted.

Discover the management platform
Inlelliscan e GPS

Smart cards made for any situation

Get as many cards as you need, set rules and limits according to company needs and policies, and use them to pay from marketing expenses to corporate travel expenses and much more

Discover the VExpenses Card
Tela Cartões

End-to-end security and transparency

Ensure the corporate compliance by defining policies, setting alerts, tracking expenses in real time, and providing more visibility to the company-wide expenses with the management dashboard.

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Integration with your ERP for a more agile month-end closing

VExpenses integrates with your accounting systems, sending all necessary classifications of ledger accounts, cost centers, projects, etc. Thus, the month closing occurs without effort and manual work.

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Loved and recommended by companies from different industries and sizes

Rafael Gozer - Diretor Financeiro / Sancor Seguros

With VExpenses, we were able to reduce about 25% of expenses with Reimbursements.

We chose VExpenses for Sancor Seguros, firstly, due to the cost, which is really very advantageous, and also because it is able to meet all the company's needs! It is very simple to work with and parameterize. The implementation was very agile and the The billing method is excellent!With VExpenses, we were able to reduce around 25% of cats with travel reimbursements within Sancor, increasing performance and reducing the length of the expense reimbursement process.

Sancor Seguros

Financial Director | Rafael Gozer
David Medina - Dept. Financeiro | COPAG

We got rid of our paper spreadsheets and optimized the time of our managers

VExpenses is an easy-to-use tool, both for the user and for the administrator, who monitors organizational expenses. We eliminate our paper spreadsheets and optimize our managers' time, as the entire approval process is done in a simple way and automated.


Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst | David Medina
Anselmo Belodi Jr. - Financial Coordinator / Ourofino Agrociência

Nowadays, with VExpenses, we no longer have paper files, nor do we spend money on the Post Office

Today, with VExpenses, we no longer have paper files, nor do we spend money on the Post Office. Accounting only for the cost of transporting physical documents and storing them, we had savings of R$5000.00 per month. In addition to savings of 87 % of the time spent on this process alone, which now takes only two days from the refund request to payment.

Ourofino Agrociência

Financial Coordinator | Anselmo Belodi Jr.
Coordenador de Administração e Inteligência de Vendas / Peccin

Nowadays, the report is submitted on Friday, approved by Wednesday and paid on Thursday.

Before, when the note arrived, I had to take a copy of it because it was a tax receipt and I could erase it. Then I would gather a lot of paper and take it to the finance department. The receipts were lost. So there was a whole bureaucratic process that diverted very ideal process. Nowadays, we depend much more on the time of the company's internal approval flow than anything else. So, in a week, everything is already righ


Coordinator of Administration and Sales Intelligence | Anderson Piram
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Especialista VExpenses

Mariana Ferreira

New business Coordinator

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Agility for those who pay and control for those who manage

VExpenses delivers both what collaborators need and what finance needs.

Benefícios de usar o VExpenses
Benefícios de usar o VExpenses

Because you've got better things to do

Try VExpenses 7 days with unlimited usage and make this process more autonomous within your company!

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Reclaim your time and have real control

Switch to smarter corporate expense management today!

Did you have any doubts? Would you like to better understand some aspect or functionality of VExpenses? Leave us a message, and our team will be in touch!

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What is corporate expense management?

Corporate expenses are deemed as any expense that's related to the cost of doing business. They can be more difficult to track and control, such as travel expenses and customer visits.

Corporate expense management is responsible for controlling these expenses within the company, and ranges from the structuring the purchase approval process, to the verification of expenses and accounting records.

In addition, corporate expense management controls the reimbursement and cash advance processes, and check the use of the company's corporate cards.

Why is VExpenses the best choice for my business?

VExpenses is the most complete solution and goes beyond expense management, also offering a payment tool. Our solutions are developed with cutting-edge technology and we are the national leader in our market.

In addition, we are always evolving and launching new features and products to meet any needs that our customers may have.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated solution that improves your company's management corporate expenses, providing more agility, security, transparency and process compliance, then VExpenses is perfect for you!

In addition to adapting to your business and meeting all your needs, we offer a customer service that will make your concept of a good relationship change forever.

Our team is always ready to improve our customers' day in the shortest possible time!

See our success stories and get to know the companies that already trust VExpenses to simplify their corporate expense management!

How does VExpenses work?

VExpenses optimize the end-to-end corporate expenses management: from expenses approvement, to analysis of adequacy to expense policies and entries in the accounting systems.

Thus, VExpenses uses the best technologies to make the processes of refunds, cash advances and corporate card control not only more automated, but also more secure, reliable and transparent at all stages.

Talk to one of our experts and learn how we can make your expense management more efficient and less time-consuming for everyone involved..

How much will my company save with VExpenses?

VExpenses generates, on average, 88% savings in time spent managing corporate expenses. However, we still go much further in financial savings!

Access the VExpenses Savings Calculator to find out how much your company can earn with our solution!