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Our plan is simple: pay only for what you use. That's right! Pay only for active users!

That means that you can have as many employees as you want registered in the system (we do not charge for licenses) and will only pay for those who use the system in a given month

  • Individual


    Organize your expenses to keep track of your business spent, and if you want, send your complete expenses report to your company and customers

    • Unlimited Number of Expenses

    • Mobile App Access

    • Chat and Email Support

    • Email Reports

    • Reports in PDF and Excel

    • Cost Centers' Register

    • Projects and Expenditure Classification

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  • Business

    $ 5,00 active users/monthly

    All features available! Manage your team, register approval policies and workflows, and extract several different management reports

    • All Individual Plan features

    • Team's Registration and Management

    • Chat, E-mail or Phone Support

    • Approval's Hierarchy

    • Expense Policy

    • Expenses Data Export

    • Integrations with Management Systems

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  • Corporate

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    For large corporations with advanced and customized control needs

    • All Business Plan features

    • Custom Integrations

    • Custom Features

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VExpenses Plan for Student Entities and NGOs

Student Entities and NGOs

VExpenses seeks to drive efficiency in the expenses management process of all organizations, especially those seeking to have a positive social impact

Do you belong to a student entitie or NGO and want to improve the expenses management process in your organization? Talk to us and check out the special conditions we have for you!

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Test for 7 days with unlimited usage

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