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Adaptable corporate cards for your company and your employees

Whether as a corporate card for employees or as a card for company and team expenses, VExpenses has a perfect solution for you.

Dashboard, celular e cartão

Thousands of companies worldwide prefer VExpenses

Made for financial and non-financial teams


Corporate card for any situation

Múltiplos cartões e usuáriosMultiple cards and users
Limites inteligentesSmart budget limits
Cartões por usuários ou departamentosCards for employees or departments
Regras e políticas de gastos integradaIntegrated spending rules and policies
Prestação de contas centralizadaCentralized expenses track
Controle por categorias e centro de custoCategories and cost center controls
Centralização das despesas e dados financeirosExpenses and financial data centralization

Control and practicality in employee expenses

Adjust individual card policies and limits as needed. Use your cell phone to scan the expense receipt and send to approval. Expense reconciliation will take place automatically, simplifying everything.

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Inlelliscan e GPS

Autonomy and agility for all teams

Issue a card to each team and provide the resources they need, while get management centralized and ensure budget control.

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Gestão de Caixinhas e Fundos Fixos

Petty Cash and Cash Reserve Management

Always have the expenses receipts and records of all entries and exits at hand. Assign expenses to a team or employee and improve company petty cash and cash reserve control

Optimize petty cash control now

Softwares por Assinatura e infraestrutura de TI

Subscription Management and IT Infrastructure

Increase transparency in the company softwares subscriptions payments management. From marketing, support and sales software, to IT cloud servers.

Optimize IT expense management

Despesas de Marketing Digital e eventos

Digital Marketing and Events Expenses

Gain more control and visibility over marketing and event spend by centralizing payment management for different channels and ad accounts in one place.

Optimize marketing and event expense management

Depesas Pontuais e Recorrentes

One-off and Recurring Expenses

Whether for routine or emergency expenses, enjoy more agility and autonomy in payments. Have more peace of mind in accounts payable and ensure all receipts and classifications in hand.

Improve the one-off and recurring expenses management

Gestão de Obras e Projetos

Constructions and Projects Management

Get rid of last-minute purchase orders or insufficient cash advances. Increase your team autonomy and receive the receipts and classifications of expenses in real time

Optimize the construction and project expenses management

Guaranteed financial and accounting controls

Stop ghost spending and manual cost center sorting, and eliminate the rush at the end of the month.

Track spending in real time, assign purchases to the right people, and have full transparency on company expenses.

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Conciliação de Despesas

Integration with your accounting systems for a more agile month-end closing

VExpenses integrates with your accounting system, sending all the necessary classifications of ledger accounts, cost centers, projects, etc. Thus, the month closing occurs without effort and manual work.

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Loved and recommended by companies from different industries and sizes

Rafael Gozer - Diretor Financeiro / Sancor Seguros

With VExpenses, we were able to reduce about 25% of expenses with Reimbursements.

We chose VExpenses for Sancor Seguros, firstly, due to the cost, which is really very advantageous, and also because it is able to meet all the company's needs! It is very simple to work with and parameterize. The implementation was very agile and the The billing method is excellent!With VExpenses, we were able to reduce around 25% of cats with travel reimbursements within Sancor, increasing performance and reducing the length of the expense reimbursement process.

Sancor Seguros

Financial Director | Rafael Gozer
David Medina - Dept. Financeiro | COPAG

We got rid of our paper spreadsheets and optimized the time of our managers

VExpenses is an easy-to-use tool, both for the user and for the administrator, who monitors organizational expenses. We eliminate our paper spreadsheets and optimize our managers' time, as the entire approval process is done in a simple way and automated.


Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst | David Medina
Anselmo Belodi Jr. - Financial Coordinator / Ourofino Agrociência

Nowadays, with VExpenses, we no longer have paper files, nor do we spend money on the Post Office

Today, with VExpenses, we no longer have paper files, nor do we spend money on the Post Office. Accounting only for the cost of transporting physical documents and storing them, we had savings of R$5000.00 per month. In addition to savings of 87 % of the time spent on this process alone, which now takes only two days from the refund request to payment.

Ourofino Agrociência

Financial Coordinator | Anselmo Belodi Jr.
Coordenador de Administração e Inteligência de Vendas / Peccin

Nowadays, the report is submitted on Friday, approved by Wednesday and paid on Thursday.

Before, when the note arrived, I had to take a copy of it because it was a tax receipt and I could erase it. Then I would gather a lot of paper and take it to the finance department. The receipts were lost. So there was a whole bureaucratic process that diverted very ideal process. Nowadays, we depend much more on the time of the company's internal approval flow than anything else. So, in a week, everything is already righ


Coordinator of Administration and Sales Intelligence | Anderson Piram
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The real solution for your company's expense management

Controle reembolsos e adiatamentos

Control refunds and cash advances

Automate the reimbursement and cash advance approval process. Make automatic expense entries, create one-click expense reports, set an approval flow, reimburse miles using GPS and much more.

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Controle reembolsos e adiatamentos

Manage the process from end to end

Check out all the products that VExpenses offers to improve your team and employee expense management. Find out how we can help your company to optimize the financial processes right now!

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The perfect corporate card for those who control and simple for those who use it!

Cartões VExpenses
Controle em tempo real

Real-time track

Contabilização eficiente dos gastos

Efficient cost accounting

Maior controle dos gastos variáveis da empresa

Greater control of the company's variable expenses

Acabe com os problemas de gestão de adiantamentos

Take the hassle out of managing down payments

Relatórios gerenciais e dashboard em tempo real

Real-time management reports and dashboard

Mais tranquilidade para o seu colaborador

More peace of mind for your employee

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VExpenses in the media

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Reclaim your time and have real control

Switch to smarter corporate expense management today!

Did you have any doubts? Would you like to better understand some aspect or functionality of VExpenses? Leave us a message, and our team will be in touch!

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What is corporate card and flexible business card?

Corporate card and flexible business card are credit cards that can be used by the company to pay for any type of expense in any situation.

Furthermore, the flexibility of this type of card also extends to the control mechanisms. In other words, a flexible corporate card and business card allow you to easily carry out controls such as blocking them and adjusting the budget at any time, for example.

The VExpenses Card gives you access to all these advantages, and also automatically reconciles expenses made with the card. Talk to our experts to find out more!

What is prepaid card?

The prepaid card is a type of credit card that, in order to be used, requires a prior payment.

With a traditional credit card, also known as a postpaid card, you make purchases and then pay the bill at the end of the month.

In the case of a prepaid credit card, you first insert a credit on the card that will be consumed when purchasing. Thus, the prepaid card is accepted as a credit card in establishments, but is billed as a debit card.

How does the VExpenses Card work?

The VExpenses corporate and business card is not nominal and can be assigned either to an individual employee or to a team. For this, it is only necessary to set up it within the expense management platform.

Thus, you can use it both to cover your employees' travel expenses and the day-to-day expenses of the company's departments, such as marketing investments in paid media, for example.

As it is a prepaid corporate card, the VExpenses Card does not have fixed limits like traditional corporate cards, and gives you complete freedom to adjust the budget whenever you need to.

Despite being billed as a debit card, as it is a prepaid corporate card, the VExpenses Card must necessarily be used as a credit card.

In addition to adapting to your business and meeting all your needs, the VExpenses Card works with much lower rates than traditional banks.

Talk to one of our experts and learn about the other advantages that the VExpenses Card can bring to your company!

What is the VExpenses Card brand?

The VExpenses Card has the Mastercard brand and is accepted in any physical establishments and online. In fact, it is also possible to use it for recurring payments.

In addition, the VExpenses Card has contactless technology, which makes it possible to pay by approach, generating more convenience and agility for your day-to-day.

How does VExpenses guarantee the safety of my money?

At VExpenses, 100% of the funds that have been deposited are always either in a Banco BV (Votorantim) account or allocated to government bonds, guaranteeing the security and total liquidity of the operation. Thus, the risk of fungibility is eliminated.

So you can sleep soundly knowing your business money is safe.